Refrigerant Ultra Sonic Exc!ter

Refrigerant Ultra Sonic Exc!ter



Will EXC!TER™ work on my system?

EXC!TER™ works on any refrigerant system = DX, Rooftop RTU, Chiller, Refers, Refrigeration, auto, bus, minisplit, PTAC, Boat...

Will EXC!TER™ work with any refrigerant?

EXC!TER™ works with any refrigerant: R410a, Ammonia, R134a, CO2, Propane, Synthetics, R22, R12, etc, ALL...

Is EXC!TER™ easy to install, do I have to evacuate the system?

No evac: any AC tech can install EXC!TER™ in 30 minutes NO EVACUACTION NEEDED!!!

Is EXC!TER™  Guaranteed?

Yes – for 5 years if electrically protected and installed correctly.

Is EXC!TER™ approved for GSA and DOD, other government sales ? 

Yes –. EXC!TER™  is qualified! Call us.